Danie Roberts
The dreams you enter with may not be the dreams you leave with, but hey. They still rock.


Hi friends on Buzznet!  I am SOOOOO SORRY I haven't updated in like months slash years slash forever???  Well, I am now in college and even though…
Danie Roberts
Danie Roberts Nov 21, 2014
Danie Roberts
Danie Roberts Nov 21, 2014
Danie Roberts
Danie Roberts Sep 20, 2014

Dreamer Trends: 9 Trends Women Hate on Guys

As a response to the current popular articles about fashion trends that guys hate on women, I created a blog of 9 trends that women…
Danie Roberts
Danie Roberts Jan 20, 2014
not so scary fairypic

(not so) scary fairy

Here's my costume for Halloween! I'm not actually going trick-or-treating but everyone is allowed to dress up at school, so this is what I wore…
Danie Roberts
Danie Roberts Oct 31, 2013

Ice Cream: Which do you prefer?

Now, I'm a huge fan of ice cream. I have to be, considering I have been working at Friendly's Restaurant for almost a year. I…
Danie Roberts
Danie Roberts Oct 17, 2013
SALUTE-Little Mixpic

SALUTE-Little Mix

Little Mix released their album artwork earlier today for their sophomore album, Salute! Their album will be out on November 11th and I do NOT…
Danie Roberts
Danie Roberts Oct 15, 2013

Throwing Leaves

Sometimes when I'm doing a photoshoot for my fashion blog, I like doing fun things like kicking something around, dancing or well... throwing leaves in…
Danie Roberts
Danie Roberts Oct 15, 2013

Happy One Year!

OH MY GOD GUYS! Guess who has officially had her Buzznet for a year? Yep, me! Isn't this crazy?  Thanks guys for always checking out my posts and…
just another brick in the wall.pic
ahhhh.... Boston!pic

ahhhh.... Boston!

There's nothing I love more than Boston. It's my favorite city, but then again I've only been to NYC once and I've never been to…

Music I'm Obsessed With: THE NEIGHBOURHOOD

So the other day while walking around Target by myself for an hour (I was bored), I checked the CDs and found The Neighbourhood's CD, I…
Ice cream!pic

Ice cream!

It's October in New Hampshire, and I don't even care. More ice cream for me!  more about my outfit here!  Also, I really want to get back…
Danie Roberts
Danie Roberts Oct 04, 2013

Newly designed blog

wait a minute wait a minute wait a minute.... 1) I'm on and  2) I did something new for once? Yep! I got creative with my fashion blog and redesigned it!…
Danie Roberts
Danie Roberts Sep 08, 2013
Working hard, or hardly working?pic

Working hard, or hardly working?

Inspired by a 1950's poster, I dressed up like this today! It is so hot outside and disgusting. Why is the entire United States under…
Danie Roberts
Danie Roberts Jul 18, 2013

Summer 2013 Playlist

I bought a few new songs the other day on iTunes, and made an awesome summer playlist for my car, Penelope! Yeah, my car really…
T-Swift for dayspic

T-Swift for days

So today, I dressed up as Taylor Swift! I figured I would share my outfit with you guys, because I had fun doing this. I…
Danie Roberts
Danie Roberts Jul 11, 2013


This weekend, I attended my junior prom. with a date. you can be proud of me, okay? We look pretty snazzy, huh? We had tons of…
Danie Roberts
Danie Roberts May 06, 2013
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About Me:

Hey guys, I'm Danie. I'm 18 and currently live in Massachusetts. I am a freshman at Lasell College, studying Fashion and Communications. I like writing, music and fashion. I'm a blogger and in love with Boston.

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